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Serenity Strikes

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The Cult Of Now
13 September 1975
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How to present my unique* snowflakeness? Its a somewhat arbitrary mechanism, but I list a place I lived and 3 qualities I had while I was there. I kind of like the fact that I've lived in lots of places and how much difference does it make really?

Cardiff (Cute, Blonde, Baby)
Llanharan (Interested, Muddy, DogOwner)
Rhydyfelin (Teenager, Alone, Philosopher)
Cincinatti (A Girl Scout, Tanned, InLove)
Leicester (Student, Extrovert, Skilled)
Ocean City (PizzaEating, BeerDrinking, Animal)
Southampton (PhD student, FuckUp, Engaged)
Svalbard (Amazed, HardWorking, Explorer)
Oulu (Skier, Drunk, Dancer)
Uppsala (Swedish, Happy, In Love)
Australia (Telescope Manager, Adult, Partner)
London (Humbled, UCL Scientist, Grateful)
Oxford (Independent, Professional, Capable)
Wantage (Content, Pilot, Happy)


Timing is Everything

*I include this tautology in case you don't have a working knowledge of snowflakes